About us

ENCON is India’s one of the most skilled organizations in Industrial Automation and Maintenance Services. We provide repair services for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), DC Drives, PLC cards, Servo Drives and motors and all expensive electronic equipments. Since its inception on 2012, we had successfully repaired and installed more than 4500 equipments. We also supply of all types of Industrial Electrical and Electronic goods mainly VFDs, VFD Spares, DC Drive spares, PLC Spares, Servo Motors & Encoders, Quality Power Semiconductors-IGBTs and Thyristor modules, Absolute spares and Industrial Electrical Switchgear.

Our Team possess a vast amount of training and experience to ensure your control receives the highest quality repair. In addition to technical degrees, our Team also receive factory training from many of the world’s leading drive and Device manufacturers.


Our equipments allows us to properly test your repaird control under load, in conditions that simulate the real world applications in which they operate. Much of this equipment has been engineered and manufactured in-house


Our Staff

Our staff will provide you service which is both professional and personal. We take pride in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Parts Inventory

Our parts inventory is extensive. This eliminates long delays for obtaining parts from outside sources, thereby enabling us to get your control repaird as quickly as possible.